Ancillary Entry

digital photograph
Barr House.  Rosendale, New York
Light, onsite construction materials, Barr House (1886)

During my recent residency in upstate New York, I spent a great deal of time contemplating the transitional qualities of space.   I kept vigil within a dilapidated historic preservation construction project onsite, carefully observing as the interior was slowly and methodically deconstructed to reveal an aged wooden shell.  With crowbars, sledge hammers, and power saws the home transformed into a construction zone - a jarring yet enchanting contemporary window into the preservation of history.

Throughout the day, walls and ceilings crumbled to the floor in dusty chemical filled heaps.  At dusk, I rest silently amidst the still chaos.  Walls once marked the perimeters of interior spaces - they encircled a room.  Where is a room when the walls disappear?