bio + statement

I aim to create experiences within viewers that expose overlooked relationships. A moment of pause, a break in routine, is necessary criteria for subtle observation. Through performance, text, objects, and installation, I create experiences infused with the unexpectedness necessary for this kind of attention. Evident in my videos, I utilize slowness to challenge our high-speed technological era with a call for patience. My performance practice questions contemporary notions of productivity by prioritizing human connection.  In my text based and installation work, I create momentary pause by placing words into a seemingly unrelated context or by juxtaposing two apparently dissonant locations. Observers bring personal experiences into this pause uncovering relational meaning of their own.

Emerging from rich fiber and craft traditions, accumulation, repetition, labor, and time are the foundational elements of my artistic practice.  I also draw upon scientific data collection processes, utilizing methodical ritual to document subtlety. Science research employs labor and accumulation of minuet information to transform collective knowledge of the world, inspire a change in public policy, and ultimately influence individual's actions.  I seek to make transparent the ways our actions inter-relate with the world around us, ultimately hoping to inspire individuals to act conscientiously. 

Subtle changes make tactile impermanence;  within the accumulation of small shifts lies the possibility for personal transformation and larger global change.

Although an Iowan by virtue and vagabond at heart, I am happily rooted in Walla Walla, Washington.  My vibrant small town is nestled among expansive agricultural fields and the Blue Mountains, yet just a stones throw from Seattle and Portland where I have a rich creative community.  Through action and thought, collaboration and solo practice I aim to be an artist citizen committed to equity and mindful living. 

Special thanks to: my sweetheart Tim;  studio companion, Otis (the brown dog with white spots); young son (who keeps my eyes fresh); collaborators and friends.  Community and connection are the source and purpose of my creative practice!