My collaborators shape the way I think and inspire my daily life.  I simply can not note all of them but acknowledge those who have especially transformed me:

creative thinkers

Tamin Totzke and I performing Each Other. 2017. Photograph by Jonathan Vanderweit.

Tamin Totzke and I performing Each Other. 2017. Photograph by Jonathan Vanderweit.

Tamin Totzke, dancer, choreographer, educator + body worker
Venetia Dale, artist, educator + curator
Julie Palms Boyer, artist, writer + coach
Julia Heinneccius, artist + educator
Eric J. Olson, artist + technology wiz
Sam Wildman, artist + educator
Tessa Hulls, artist, performer + writer
Grant Bowen, artist, environmental designer + production director
Robert Rhee, artist + educator
Gail Grinell, artist
Ezra Dickinson, dancer + choreographer
Mary Margaret Moore, dancer, educator + feldenkrais practitioner
Aaron Swartzman, dancer + educator
Rachael Lincoln, dancer, aerialist, choreographer + educator
kt Shores, dancer + healing arts practitioner
Rachel Rader, artist
Tara Kramer, writer + poet


What we do.  Why we do it.

THE PROJECT ROOM was a gathering place and online platform presenting work, ideas, and people that inform our understanding of creativity in contemporary life.  Inspired by it's interdisciplinary approach and dedication to creative process, I began volunteering at TPR in 2012, and soon stepped into the roles as business manager and programs assistant.  In 2015, I served as TPR's Director replacing founder Jess Van Nostrand when she took a position as Assistant Director of Public Programs at the New York MoMA.

SEAWORTHY is a curatorial collective dedicated to collaboration, experimentation, and social engagement.  Devon Midori Hale, Eric J. Olson, and I founded SEAWORTHY in 2013 to host experiences that nurture emerging and under-recognized artists, provide an environment to incubate new ideas, and encourage collaboration.  SEAWORTHY was hosted and supported by Canoe Social Club from July-December 2013.  We are currently afloat, connecting artists with venues based on a project's intention, aim, and engagement.

mentors, advisers, and professional colleagues

I continually revisit their ideas.  To them:  THANK YOU!
Goat Island Performance Group (Lin Hixson, Matthew Goulish, Mark Jeffery,
                                                          Bryan Saner + Karen Christopher)
Every house has a door (Lin Hixon + Matthew Goulish)
Anne Wilson
Ernesto Pujol
Jorge Lucero
Stanley Murashige

Finally, thank you to my influential undergraduate instructors who helped me
discover the foundations of my practice.
Amy DiGennaro, Art
Chris Willcox, Art
Joanna Inglot, Art History
Karen Warren, Eco-feminist Philosophy
Mary Hark, Fibers
Peter Harle, Religious Studies
Peter Rachleff, History of African American Studies
Sowah Mensah, African Studies and Music