My collaborators shape the way I think, stretch the work to be better and inspire the direction I take my life.  I simply can not note all of them but acknowledge those who have especially transformed me:

Tamin Totzke, choreographer, dancer, somatic therapist + educator
Eric J. Olson, social practice artist
Jessica Cerullo, actress, director + educator
Venetia Dale, artist, educator + curator
Tessa Hulls, artist, performer + writer
Aaron Swartzman, dancer + educator
Rachael Lincoln, dancer, aerialist, choreographer + educator
kt Shores, dancer + healing arts practitioner
Ezra Dickinson, dancer + choreographer
Mary Margaret Moore, dancer, educator + feldenkrais practitioner
Grant Bowen, artist, environmental designer + production director
Guestwork, artist collaboration between Erin Charpentier and Travis Neel
Sam Wildman, artist + educator
Robert Rhee, artist + educator
Sierra Nelson, artist + writer
Rachel Kessler, artist
Vis-a-Vis Society, artist collaboration
Julia Heinneccius, artist + educator
Gail Grinnell, artist
Rachel Rader, artist
Tara Kramer, writer + poet
Erin Popelka, writer
Julie Palms Boyer, artist, writer + coach

Images: (Top) Installing a temporary score sculpture at the Seattle Art Museum Olympic Sculpture park with Eric John Olson. Orbiting Together, 2018. (Bottom) Performing with Tamin Totzke at MAD Art Gallery.  Each Other, 2017. Photographs by Jonathan Vanderweit.