Performative sculptures for the ears.   Architecture on the body.

Inspired by our relationships to the natural and architectural environment, my jewelry objects make visible our interactions with structure and movement.  Using cold-form fabrication I build geometric wire forms that pare down these environments to simple line modules that are then partially wrapped in vibrant handmade paper.   These non-soldered jewelry structures are kinetic.   Like leaves on a tree limb, they punctuate the wearer’s movement and expression. 

My jewelry has been exhibited at galleries, museums, and museum stores internationally including: 
CODA Museum in Apeldoorn, Netherlands; Smithsonian American Art Museum's Renwick Gallery in Washington, DC; SF MoMA and Velvet Da Vinci Gallery in San Francisco, CA; Getty Museum in Los Angeles, CA; Museum of the Art Institute of Chicago, Modern Wing in Chicago, IL; Patina Gallery in Santa Fe, NM; Museum of Contemporary Craft in Portland, OR;  Seattle Art Museum in Seattle, WA.