the LAB

the LAB is a work-in-progress platform I am developing to share actions, experiments and research that foster my creative thinking and allow me to discover unexpected relationships among explorations. I've loosely divided my explorations into three categories.


Actions are intentional movements enacted for the sake of the process.  Through actions I emphasize the body as a medium. 

I aim create opportunities in which I can explore movement in unexpected ways without expectation for an end product. I give myself assignments to perform 'idea generating' actions.  I aim to devise and uncover processes of making that force non-linear pathways. These actions may subvert the judging mind in order to reveal unexpected inter-relationships, connections, and uncharted ideas.


Tests are cooperative, visual, written, performative, and/or media experiments that respond to questions  I ask in my creative practice.  These are done without an end goal although I may have an hypothesis. My tests may be direct creative responses to what I find to be the most moving in another person's creative work, writing, research, activism, or experience. They may also be a response to a simple experience from my daily life. 


Research feeds my tests, actions, collaborations and artistic projects.  I am deeply interested in the intersections of artistic process, somatics, social justice, art education, and creative pedagogy.  

My research crosses disciplines and includes artworks, writings, and ideas generated by mentors, makers, artists, collaboratives, thinkers, activists, peers, and community members whose life work I revisit  because it fundamentally shifts the way I see and create.


Images: The images above were all created in collaboration with Eric John Olson and Tamin Totzke during a 2018 winter artist residency at the Seattle Art Museum Olympic Sculpture Park.