the lab is a work-in-progress platform I'm designing to share experiments, idea generating activities, and research that foster creative thinking.  I've loosely divided my explorations into three categories:



Experiments are visual responses to what I find to be the most moving aspects of a writings, creative work, research, experience or even a simple yet profound moment from my day to day life.  Sometimes these activities involve placing seemingly random objects next to one another, staring at them, writing about them, and letting them live with me.  In other instances I'll spend hours and hours repeatedly cutting out windows from images of architecture I've found in magazines.  I anticipate that  upcoming experiments will be reactions to my action assignments. 



Actions.  For now I identify actions as intentional movement done for the sake of the process.  Having just launched THE LAB, I am going to begin by giving myself assignments to perform some 'idea generating' actions.

I aim to devise and uncover processes of making that force non-linear pathways.  I find the most joy in discovering ideas through these more accidental routes.  I plan to work slowly but  will set deadlines, occasionally require seemingly impossible time frames, and/or engage with collaborators.   These actions may subvert the judging mind in order to reveal unexpected inter-relationships, connections, and uncharted ideas. My techniques will be adapted and adaptive.



Research feeds my experiments, actions, collaborations and artistic projects.  I tend to be deeply interested in the intersection of artistic process, art education, and creative pedagogy*.   I research to challenge myself to be more creative.  

My research will cross disciplines and include artworks, writings, and ideas generated by mentors, makers, artist teams, famous thinkers, and peers whose life work I revisit over and over and over again because it fundamentally shifts the way I see and create.

*Creative Pedagogy, as defined by Wikipedia:  teaching learners  how to learn creatively, become creators themselves and creating their future).


Images from an experiment conducted in 2012-2013.  Magazine cut-outs from architecture and design journals, sticky tack, and graphite.