orbiting together: satellite triggered somatics

January + February, 2018
Seattle Art Museum Olympic Sculpture Park, Seattle, WA

Ideated with Eric John Olson in collaboration with choreographer/somatics practitioner Tamin Totzke
Participants + Contributors: 500 participants opted-in, over 400 video/photo responses submitted and more than 100 individual contributors. 

Where we once used the stars and our intuition to locate ourselves, we now look to our phones, rarely considering our bodies in relation to celestial objects orbiting overhead. Orbiting Together was a participatory project created in collaboration with artist Eric John Olson and choreographer Tamin Totzke as a part of the winter residency at Seattle Art Museum Olympic Sculpture Park. This project used a network of satellites flying over the SAM Sculpture Park as triggers for messages encouraging participants to engage their somatic awareness. Individuals opted into the system create a rhizomatic positioning system composed of people in the place of technology.

To learn more about the text instructions, satellite triggers and to view the AMAZING contributor responses visit our project website: orbitingtogether.com

Images above from the final send-off, an artist-led somatic tour of the Olympic Sculpture Park (February 25, 2018). 
Photography by Jonathan Vanderweit.


ORBITING TOGETHER was generously funded by the 2018 Seattle Art Museum Olympic Sculpture Park Winter Residency and a grant from the Robert and Mercedes Eichholz Foundation.