August - December, 2013
Canoe Social Club. 417 Loretta Place, Seattle, WA

Co-founded with Devon Midori Hale, and Eric J. Olson. 

SEAWORTHY was an artist run space dedicated to creative practices that value collaboration, experimentation, and social engagement.  Through projects, discourse, and exhibitions, SEAWORTHY nurtured emerging artists and provides an environment to incubate new ideas.  Seaworthy is currently afloat.  An archive of events, residencies and exhibitions below.  More information:


December 2013

Frequency, was a dual project that examined the consumption, production, and the exchange of ideas in contemporary life.  Featured performance by Julia Heineccius and radio broadcast by Timothy Firth.

Part 1:  Frequency ][ grasping Julia Heineccius engaged in the first 7 days of her project to watch all of the TED Talks while knotting a continuous strand of pearls. The total running time of all the Talks produced so far is greater than 336 hours, or two solid weeks. Through repetitive handwork and a gluttonous consumption of ideas, she hopes to understand more about the relationship between multitasking, meditation, binge watching, comprehension, and inspiration.

Part 2:  Frequency [space].  Frequency [space] was an FM radio broadcast [101.9 FM] centered around arts and community in Seattle. Artist Timothy Firth invited community members to join him in live conversations that were broadcast from the SEAWORTHY storefront studio. These conversations were centered around personal experiences with success and failure both as a maker and a participant.

Art and Social Practice Workbook
October/ November 2013

02 Frequency_JH1_web.jpg

Art and Social Practice Workbook was an interactive and participatory exhibition presented by Guestwork. The workbook consists of an edited volume of assignments, prompts, handouts, evaluation tools, and other resources to be used in your programs, classes, institutions, and life.  Happenings and events were curated by Seaworthy. 

October 10, 5-9pm - Fallen Fruit’s “Have a Public Fruit Jam: How to Make Jam and Friends”
October 20, 2-5pm - Open Hours.2:30p Group activation of Steve Lambert’s "Superhero" assignment (download)
November 14, 5-9pm - Closing Reception: Generate your own creativity assignments
November 22, 7pm - Community discourse about the project led by Social Art Society Book Club.  We will be reading and discussing: 
                - Excepts from Pablo Helguera’s book, “Education for Socially
                  Engaged Art” (download)
                - Guestwork’s “Art & Social Practice Workbook” (download)

August/ September 2013

Carcass was plop art curation of site specific work from past Lo-Fi Arts Festivals.  Seven years ago members of Canoe Social Club banded together to create the Lo-Fi Arts Festival, an annual 24-hour exploration of installation art, performance, and collaboration at the 360 acre Smoke Farm in the Stillaguamish River Valley. Carcass, SEAWORTHY's inaugural exhibition in Canoe Social Club's storefront exhibition space, examined the remnants and disparate fragments of these past projects. Installed in direct opposition to their original context and the artists’ intent, this plop art curation asked the viewer to reflect on what remains after temporary works fade into the past. Can the experiences, objects, and participants continue to influence and interact with one another when removed from their initial environments?  The exhibition was accompanied by re-enacted off-site 'site specific' performances performed in opposition to their intent.


Images above: SEAWORTHY exhibitions + events. Photographs by Eric Olson and Tia Kramer.