what is (not there)

scissors (finger holes), drain (water holes), bobbin (gap around the barrel, center of the hub), needle (eye), door latch (inner hole of hub for door handle axis), wheel (center hole of the hub), button (eyes/corresponding button hole), dust pan (flat or curved scoop), pipe cleaner (gaps between bristles), sponge (pores), spirit level (bubble), trowel (flat or curved scoop), spade (slightly angled scoop), rotary blade (hub), bicycle chain (cutouts between links), cone wrench (u shaped cutout), crank spanner (hex bolt shaped cutout), tire lever (c shaped cutout), spoke wrench (spoke nipple indentation), bike pump (hand operated piston), pipette (inner cylinder), vise-grip (space between the jaws, hub, inner space around spring, space within grips), pliers (space between jays, hub, inner space within grips), baster (inner cylinder), bottle opener (space around the lever), bowl (inner), spoon (dish), sieve (small holes for particles), fork (gaps between tines), cake server (area above the flat face), garlic press (inner scoop and holes on the face), potato peeler (oval or rectangular shaped slot in the face), colander (inner bowl and holes), funnel (inner pipe and conical dish), corkscrew (space around the twisted screw), chinoise (conical inner area and small holes), cheesecloth (gaps in weave), cherry pitter (gap for lever and inner void the size of a spherical nickel), egg poacher (inner dish and holes), egg separator (slots between the spiral cone shaped head), egg slicer (slotted dish and area around individual wires/blades), fish scaler (slots and grooves), flour sifter (gaps in wire mesh and handle lever), slotted spoon (slots), grater (holes and divots), ladle (dish), lemon reamer (grooves), juicer (donuts shaped dish and grooves), mandolin (rectangular slots), pick ( gaps between tines), measuring cup (dish), measuring spoon (smaller dishes) , meat tenderizer (grooves), mortar (dish and miniscule granular divots in base), nutcracker (grooves in head and gap for nut), oven mitt (inner space generally shape of a hand), pastry bag (conical tip), pastry blender (area around each individual blade, ricer (inner scoop and holes on the face), poultry shears (area between blades), roller docker (space around prickly heads), rolling pin (inner hub), salt shaker (holes in face), spider (holes in mesh basket), whisk (area around wire loops), wooden spoon (shallow inner dish), zester (spaces around perforated head)

initially posted February 18, 2014
updated March 22 + March 24, 2014
still in construction