2008                  GOAT ISLAND SUMMER SCHOOL at School of the Art Institute of Chicago.  Chicago, IL
                          Performance Institute Participant
                          Post Baccalaureate in Fiber and Material Studies. 
1999-2004         MACALESTER COLLEGE.   St. Paul, MN
                          Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art.  Magna Cum Laude.
2002                  UNIVERSITY OF GHANA.  Accra, Ghana, West Africa
                          Student of tradition textiles, music, and contemporary gender studies. 


2015                  STUDY OF TIME AND MOTION/ Public Performance series created and directed with Tamin Totzke. 
                          Georgetown Steam Plant + T108 Park at the Duwamish River.  Seattle, WA
2014                  FIVE SILENT STRUCTURES/ Public Performance.  Discovery Park, Fort Lawton. Seattle, WA
2012                  WITHIN CONSTRUCTIONS/ Public Installation.  Women’s Studio Workshop.  Rosendale, NY
2006-2012         UNPERFORMED EVENTS/ Public Installation Project.   Chicago, IL + Seattle, WA
2007-2008        RITUAL/ Solo Performances + Video Project.  Seattle, WA
2007                  EMBEDDED THREAD/ Solo Performance + Video Installation Project.  Ross Ice Shelf, Antarctica
2006                  CONTINGERE/ Sound Installation.   SAIC Sharp Building: Material Studies Department.  Chicago, IL
2003                  SUSPENDED FLIGHT/ Permanent Public Sculpture Installation (solo).  Macalester College.  St. Paul, MN


2016                  SIX WEEKS, IN TIME/ Invitational. Performance series, drawings + video created and directed with Tamin Totzke.  
                          Henry Art Gallery.  Seattle, WA
2015                  XENIA/ Curated works that engage the everyday.  Inhabitable exhibition (AirBNB).  Seattle, WA
                          FUNCTION/ Multi-media Invitational.  North Seattle College.  Seattle, WA
                          OUTER LIMITS/ Jewelry Invitational.  Facere Art Gallery.  Seattle, WA
2014                  LOFI ARTS FESTIVAL// AD HOC.  Site-Specific Exhibition.  Smoke Farm.  Arlington, WA
                          IT IS A DOOR AND WINDOW THAT MAKE A ROOM USEFUL/ Invitational.  SOIL Gallery.  Seattle, WA
                          IN AND OF PAPER/ Paper Sculpture Invitational.  Artisan Gallery. Paoli, WI
2013                   CODA PAPER ART/ International Paper Biennial.  CODA Museum.  Apeldoorn, Netherlands
                          OBJECTIFICATION/ Invitational.  Smith + Vallee Gallery.  Edison, WA
2012                  SMITHSONIAN CRAFT SHOW/  National Building Museum.  Washington DC
                          BUCKMINSTER FULLER LEGACY/ Design Invitational.  SFMoMA Store.  San Francisco, CA
2011-2012          INDULGE/ Jewelry Invitational.  Bellevue Arts Museum.  Bellevue, WA. 
2011                   30 SMALL WORKS/ Juried Group Exhibition curated by Barbara Schreiber.  Gallery UP.  Rock Hill, SC
                          PHILADELPHIA MUSEUM of ART CRAFT SHOW/ Juried Group Exhibition.  Philadelphia, PA
                          POP UP GALLERY/ Invitational curated by Heidi Lowe.  Heidi Lowe Gallery Extension.  Seattle, WA
2010                  rock, PAPER, scissors/ Invitational curated by Anna Nasset.  AOT Gallery.  Port Townsend, WA   
2008                  SONIC ANTARCTIA/ Sonification Project, a collaboration with Andrea Polli.  McMurdo Station, Antarctica
                          LIMA, MIKE, NOVEMBER/ Solo Performance.  Goat Island Institute - Happenings.  Chicago, IL
                          STREAMLINE FOR VICTORY/ Collaborative Performance.  Goat Island Symposium.  Chicago, IL
                          BEAURACRAY AND BLISS/ Collaborative Performance.  MAAG Exhibition.  McMurdo Station, Antarctica
2007                  OPAQUE QUIET/ Interactive Installation.  MAAG Exhibition.  McMurdo Station, Antarctica  
2006                  LAST STAND/ Installation.  Juried Group Exhibition.  G2 and Project Space.  Chicago, IL
                          HABITUATING/ Video and Sound Installation.  SAIC Graduate Thesis Exhibition.  G2.  Chicago, IL
2005                  quARTet/ Sculpture Installation.  Juried 4 Person Exhibition.  Offbeat Gallery.  Minneapolis, MN
                          OPEN DOOR/ Juried Exhibition. Rosalux Gallery. Minneapolis, MN
2004                  FIBERS INVITATIONAL/ Graduate and Advanced Fibers Students. Slocomb Gallery. Nashville, TN
                          BOX FRESH/ Mid America College Art Association Juried Exhibition. Soap Factory. Minneapolis, MN
                          WEIGHTING/ Installation and Drawing Series.  Thesis Exhibition.  Janet Wallace Gallery.  St. Paul, MN


2015                 THE PROJECT ROOM/ Arts Non-Profit.  www.projectroomseattle.orgSeattle, WA. 
                         Curated programing that informs our understanding of creativity in contemporary life.
2014                 IT IS THE DOOR AND WINDOW THAT MAKE A ROOM USEFUL/ Soil Gallery.  Seattle, WA
                         Co-curated exhibition highlighting craft practices that meditate on the everyday. Collaborator, Venetia Dale
2014                 INSIDE/ Art by Architects.  Seattle, WA
                         Juried and curated exhibition of works inspired by interior spaces, containers, vessels and inner workings of all kinds.
2013                 SEAWORTHY/ Arts Space Co-founded with Devon Midori Hale and Eric J. Olson. Seattle, WA
                         Co-curated events & exhibits that support social engagement, collaboration and experimentation
2011                 EXHIBITION IN MOTION: Objects Performed/ Bellevue Arts Museum.  Bellevue, WA
                         Co-Curated with Stefano Catalani, Venetia Dale and choreographer Amelia Reeber (for SNAG SEATTLE 2011) 
2007-2008       McMURDO ALTERNATIVE ART GALLERY (MAAG) / Ross Island, McMurdo Station, Antarctica
                         Co-Curated and coordinated two annual performance and visual art exhibitions.


2014                  LO-FI ARTS FESTIVAL// AD HOC/ Artist-in-Residence: Site Specific Installation + Writing +
                          Performance.  June 2014                 
2012                  WOMEN'S STUDIO WORKSHOP/ Artist-in-Residence: Papermaking + Sculpture.  Investigated
                          emptiness (sonic, physical, and temporal) through historic architecture.  May-June 2012 + Nov 2012
2012-2013         LIBBY CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL/ Artist-in-Residence: Education and Studio Residency in Sculpture,                
                          Jewelry + Contemporary Art History.   February-May 2012 + Janurary-February 2013


2004-pres          JEWELRY DESIGNER + FOUNDER/ Tia Kramer Designs.  Seattle, WA
2010-2015          INSTRUCTOR/ Adult and Youth Programs. Pratt Fine Arts Center, Seattle, WA
2015                  DIRECTOR/ The Project Room.  Seattle, WA
2014                  VISITING INSTRUCTOR/ Fiber Techniques in Metal Workshop. Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Boston, MA
                          ARTIST PRESENTER/ Creative Time Summit Panel Discussion - Performing the City Presentor.  Henry Art Museum.  Seattle, WA
                          PRACTICUM INSTRUCTOR/ Materials Lab. Cornish College of the Arts, Seattle, WA
2012-2014         PROGRAM COORDINATOR + BUSINESS MANAGER/ The Project Room, Seattle, WA
2012-2013         INSTRUCTOR/ Contemporary Art & Wire Constructions.  Libby Alternative High School, Libby, MT
2010-2011         ASSISTANT INSTRUCTOR/ Artspark Flameworking Class.  Pratt Fine Arts Center, Seattle, WA
2008                 CURRICULUM DESIGNER/ Interdisciplinary Multimedia Arts.   Arts Connect, Seattle, WA
2007                 VISITING INSTRUCTOR/ Permeable Membranes Course: Sculptural Papermaking Instructor. SAIC, Chicago, IL
2006                 ASSISTANT INSTRUCTOR/ Contemporary Practices in Fiber and Material Studies.  SAIC, Chicago, IL
                         DESIGNER & STUDIO ASSISTANT/ Environmentally Designed Handbags.  NOON Solar, Chicago, IL
2005                 VISITING INSTRUCTOR/ Advanced Paper and Bookmaking Workshop.  Macalester College, St. Paul, MN
2004-2005       TEEN PROGRAMS COORDINATOR/  Minnesota Center for the Book Arts, Minneapolis, MN
2004                 INSTRUCTOR/ Environmental Multimedia Arts Courses.  Farm in the City. St. Paul, MN
2003-2004       COMMISSIONED PUBLIC ARTIST/ Managed 20 assistants. Created permanent installation.  St. Paul, MN
2002-2004       TEACHING ASSISTANT/ Four Semesters of Intro and Adv. Fibers.  Macalester College. St. Paul, MN
2001-2002       CLOTHING DESIGNER & PRODUCTION ASSISTANT/ Susan Shinnick Studios.  Iowa City, IA
2000                VISITING INSTRUCTOR/ Sculptural Papermaking 3-day Workshop.  College of Visual Arts, Minneapolis, MN


2007-2008       NSF ARTIST ASSISTANT/ Collaborated with sonification climate artist Andrea Polli.  Co-Produced
                         Sonic Antarctica.  Served as primary videographer for numerous interviews. Ross Ice Shelf, Antarctica
2006-2007       NSF ARTIST ASSISTANT/ Performer in Stellar Axis by Lita Albuquerque.  Ross Ice Shelf, Antarctica
2002                FIBERS FIELD RESEARCHER/ The Office of Queen Mamaga Afidema II.  Abaudi, Ghana, West Africa


2015                 4CULTURE Historic Site Specific Collaborations Grant
                         DUWAMISH REVEALED Project Grant
2014                 SEATTLE CITY ARTS FINALIST - Fall Artwalk Awards: "Study of Interiors" Sculpture.
2012                 FEATURED ARTIST/ Nationwide Press Campaign.  Smithsonian Craft Show.
2011                 ARTIST IN EXCELLENCE AWARD/  INDULGE Jewelry Invitational, Bellevue Arts Museum.
                        EMERGING ARTIST DISTINCTION/  Philadelphia Museum Craft Exhibition
2005-2006       SAIC PRESIDENTIAL SCHOLARSHIP/ Department of Fiber and Material Studies.
2004                HIGHEST ACADEMIC HONORS IN FINE ARTS/ Macalester College
                        NATIONAL DEANS HONOR AWARD/ Macalester College.
2004                BEST IN SHOW: Drawing Series/  Janet Wallace Fine Arts Gallery.  St Paul, MN.
2003-2004       KECK RESEARCH GRANT & PUBLIC ART FELLOWSHIP/ Macalester College
2002                DEWITT-WALLACE SCHOLARSHIP/ Awarded for Commitment to the Global Community
                        GILMAN TRAVEL GRANT/ Ghana, West Africa