the lab is a work-in-progress platform I am developing to share experiments, research and idea generating activities that foster creative thinking.  I've loosely divided my explorations into three categories.  enter the lab here.



Experiments are visual, written, performative, or multi-media responses to questions that I ask in my creative practice.  These responses can also be a direct reaction to what I find to be the most moving aspects of another artist's creative work, writing, research, experience or even a moment from my daily life. 



Actions.  I identify actions as intentional movement enacted for the sake of the process.  Through actions I emphasize my body as a medium. 

Having just launched the LAB, I begin giving myself assignments to perform 'idea generating' actions.  I aim to devise and uncover processes of making that force non-linear pathways. These actions may subvert the judging mind in order to reveal unexpected inter-relationships, connections, and uncharted ideas.



Research feeds my experiments, actions, collaborations and artistic projects.  I am deeply interested in the intersection of artistic process, art education, and creative pedagogy.  

My research crosses disciplines and includes artworks, writings, and ideas generated by mentors, makers, artist teams, famous thinkers, and peers whose life work I revisit over and over and over again because it fundamentally shifts the way I see and create.


Images: Seattle's historic Georgetown Steam Plant (1906) designed by architect Frank Gilbreth.  Frank collaborated extensively with his wife Lillian Moller Gilbreth an engineer who was also the first industrial organizational psychologist (PhD 1915).  Together they pioneered the 'Study of time and motion', a field of research aimed at improving the efficiency of the workplace. Project research underway for a collaborative site-specific performance with Tamin Totzke.