Short Talks, Short Walks

September, 2014
Lo-fi Arts Festival.  Smoke Farm.  Arlington, WA
Site specific social sculpture

Short Talks, Short Walks are a series of 10 site-specific poetic plaques installed at Smoke Farm in Arlington, WA.  Liberally following Anne Carson's 'short talk' poetic form, the text on each plaque illuminates a connection between visitors physical experience on the farm and overlooked experiences from their everyday life. The poetic phrases end with a directive to enact physical gestures that engage the viewer with their present experience.

Photographs by Melanie Masson and Timothy O'Connor.   Click on the icons below to read each of the poetic plaques. 

Short Talks, Short Walks was developed with the generous support of the 2014 Smoke Farm Artist Residency and presented at the 2014 Lo-Fi Arts Festival// Ad Hoc.