May this practice be of benefit

As a part of the Because You Are Here process our collaborative team employs rituals to help us transition in and out of rehearsals. We look to these rituals to continually remind us why we are in the room together, to acknowledge each persons contribution and to extend gratitude for everything that made our work together possible. Our collective “clap out” is the most notable of these rituals.

At the end of each rehearsal, we gather together (each and every person in the room is invited to participate). Standing in circle, we all find stillness. In this space we express hope that the work that we do is of benefit. Then, listening to each other (with no individual leader) we all clap our hands at the same time then we throw the clap up sending our hope out into the space.

This ritual has become a glue, tying us to the present moment, the context of our work, and each other. It is often filled with joy, relief, and laughter.

Video filmed by Tia Kramer for a project titled, “I said yes” by collaborator Erina Horikawa

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